Rebekah tmbR.A. Goodyear is an author, screenwriter, ghostwriter, editor and book/film reviewer with over fourteen years' experience, including positions in two independent publishing houses. Rebekah has published several articles, blogs, poems, and citations under her own name, and ghostwritten various novels, non-fiction books, and two screenplays. Her passions include science fiction and fantasy, literature, filmmaking, music, dance, art, ancient history, philosophy, theology, and astronomy. She is currently working on her own science fiction novel called Dimension Zero as well as the accompanying screenplay. Rebekah aspires to see her work on television in the near future. She lives in Western Canada with her husband, two small children, and three crazy cats.


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A Copywriter provides pointed text that describes a product or idea to enhance marketing of a company's brand.


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Editing is critical to clarify and enhance words to sharpen their focus.


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To take a picture from your mind and put it into words is creative whether fiction or fact.

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